As a goal-oriented staffing agency, teamwork makes the dream work. Our dedicated, in-office team will work closely with our clients to customize our recruiting and candidate search to meet your company’s specifications. This proven method allows us to develop a candidate profile incorporating necessary skills, experience, personality and salary requirements that will result in success.


As Oregon’s employment and staffing marketplace grows, our candidate database is consistently reviewed to provide us access to active candidates.  Our advanced methods allow our team to work with a variety of sources, allowing us to pinpoint and connect with qualified candidates who meet the criteria established and avoid the misuse of essential time and energy.


As your staffing partners, our goal is to connect with both active and passive qualified candidates.  As we market and advertise across a variety of platforms, our team will discover and recruit top-notch talent within the current workforce market, and secure candidates that meet your company’s management structure, business philosophy, and overall future goals and company growth plan.


Our Lake Oswego office is home-base.  Each member of our team plays a vital role in our candidate screening process. To ensure reliable candidates, we review every resume, talk with candidates about their career path prior to their visit, schedule interviews with an experienced recruiter, and follow-through on professional references for all of our qualified candidates. Upon request, we can also administer valuable skillset assessments that are appropriate for your company’s open job position.


We understand that hiring for your company can sometimes require discretion. For confidential and sensitive cases, our team of professionals will conduct candidate searches completely in private. For peace of mind, your company will always remain confidential until our candidates advance to the next level, and you would like to schedule an official meet and greet.  For your convenience, we can also provide private interviewing facilities.


With our effective and customized method, our clients get to experience what a reliable partnership with a staffing consultant entails. We value our relationships and provide our clients with an authentic service. Finding the proper candidate takes skill, understanding, vision, and dedicated teamwork. Providing genuine consulting along each step of the hiring process is important. Our knowledgeable stages of candidate placement creates a seamless hiring option that best suites your hiring needs.


Leveraging over 40 years of dedication and experience within Oregon’s staffing and recruiting industry, we utilize our grass-roots network to begin the search for accomplished and talented professionals that meet your company’s needs. We continue to take initiative and expands our marketplace knowledge, and manage to be a step ahead of Oregon and Federal employment laws and compliance implementation. We believe that the best approach is to listen to our client’s needs, assess the current marketplace, and find an Executive that will match our client’s vision for the future.


Sometimes the best option to avoid advancing with under-qualified candidates is to test their skills and aptitude for job related abilities. We continue to partner with IBM’s Kenexa Prove It! to offer our clients a variety of skill assessments from Basic to Advance level testing. By learning what the full scope of the job entails and understanding the day to day work activities, we can provide effective results by evaluating our candidates tests and their proven skillset level.


As a reliable hiring resource, our educated team can provide our clients assistance in understanding the importance of Pay Equity compliance and measurement standards. Our compliance team continues to record and develop necessary employment data, pulling from all past and current employee placements.  This allows our recruiters to provide reliable data to clients and candidates about the current marketplace, set essential expectations, discover industry growth patterns, and plan ahead for Oregon’s future workforce.


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