If you are new to the workforce, or are switching vocations, accepting Temporary jobs is a great way to get practical hands-on experience. This allows you to expand your professional network and gain immediate professional references. Not only do you get to explore new industries, but you may be able to add new skills to your resume and bridge the gap between securing full-time employment.


If full-time employment is your goal, then working a Contract-to-Hire position provides an effective trial basis for you to evaluate an employer before accepting the position permanently. With the continued support of your Emerald Staffing recruiter, you will work for the client employer for a contracted number of temporary hours, with the understanding that if both parties find the arrangement to be a good fit, then you will become a permanent part of that company’s team.


If you are a working professional looking to make a career transition from your current company, or are looking at relocation opportunities, Direct Hire employment is the way to go. We will learn what you’re looking for in your next career move and present sensible opportunities that match your needs.

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