WITH OVER 40 YEARS’ OF EXPERIENCE… John Burton, Jr. has helped build successful corporate teams across the nation. Starting in 1978, Emerald Staffing has continued to thrive as a family owned and operated business. For over 30 years, John has helped build the Emerald Brand from 3 employees to over 100 today. Being pliable in today’s market helped John work with hundreds of firms, spanning multiple industries, assisting with Executive placement.

BEING A NATIVE OREGONIAN… John has been able to cultivate a network that brings talented people to accomplished employers. John is actively involved on the Oregon board for the American Staffing Association, Panelist speaker for Occupational Safety & Health Administration, Panelist speaker for the 2019 Pay Equity Act, and a leader in Compliance. Being involved in continued education assists John’s expansive knowledge helping him navigate through different industries seamlessly.

WE BELIEVE THE BEST APPROACH IS… to listen to the client’s needs to assess what didn’t work or why the position is open. To experience continued growth, we reverse engineer the process building a candidate profile that will fulfill and exceed our client’s needs. Finding the proper candidate takes skill, understanding, vision, and dedicated work. One of our top priorities is to find an Executive that will fit into our client’s culture and vision for the future.

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