July 9, 2016 Emerald Staffing

What Dating and Employment Have in Common

9 Ways to get the Job (or Significant Other) of Your Dreams!

1. Show you’re interested
There is nothing worse than a candidate or a new spark playing it cool. By showing you are interested in a polite manner, it makes you appear as a responsible, driven, and reliable individual. And let’s face it, some people might be attracted to the “hard-to-get” vibe, but employers definitely aren’t.

2. Be mature
This isn’t the eighth grade or an interview for a lemonade stand, this is REAL life responsibility. Being ‘mature’ doesn’t mean you have to ditch your humor or personality, but it does mean you know when it is the appropriate time to whip out those potty humor jokes that killed-it on the bus ride home from school. (Hint: That time is not in the office.)

3. Communication is key
Don’t be afraid to communicate your intentions early on. The best way to find what you’re looking for in a job or S.O. is to be open and honest about where you want to go in life. If you skip this step, I’m sure your mom’s basement can be super charming with a couple of throw pillows and lamps.

4. Be personal, but not TOO personal
Don’t be afraid to let that person get to know you! You have got something unique to contribute to every situation, so use that to your advantage to separate yourself from the pack. On the other hand, you should probably save that story of how you lost a marble up your nose for a week until AFTER the first couple dates or months of work. Additionally, stay away from any stories of what you ate, and more importantly, how you felt about it. No one cares.

5. Good personal hygiene
If you don’t understand why this is important, you are not ready to be active in the workplace or a relationship.

6. Dress to impress
Everyone has heard “dress for the job you want to have,” but an outfit can have more power than you might think. A pair of fun socks under a suit or unique jewelry show you are detail-oriented and quirky. But remember, moderation is KEY! You don’t want to disrupt the delicate balance of confident and zany.

7. Ask questions
Often overlooked due to the nerves that come with a first date or interview, always remember to ask questions! This is a great strategy to show you’re interested and committed to exploring the potential of this encounter. It might seem like you are on the hot seat to perform your best, but never forget both of these scenarios are simply an exchange of information. Utilize the knowledge of the person in front of you to feel more comfortable and confident!

8. Follow up
You could have accidentally fixed the other person’s hair during the interview or date, but all is forgiven if they receive a note saying, “I appreciate your time and look forward to talking more!” Notes are a foolproof way to convey a person’s considerate nature and level of interest. A text to your flame before you go to bed will serve as a refreshing change from the infamous “3 Day Rule,” but a hand-written note (or email if you’re in a crunch) to your interviewer is the way to go! In any case, we don’t recommend writing it on a scroll and having it delivered by pigeon unless you’re applying for a job at Hogwarts or Medieval Times.

9. Be confident (in moderation)
If all else fails, just be yourself. No one wants to hire or date someone who doesn’t believe in their own abilities. We all have weaknesses, but it is what you do to remedy those weaknesses that show your true strength. If Arnold Schwarzenegger can become the Governor of California, you can scrape up enough confidence to effectively maneuver an interview or date.

Greta Burton
You can reach me with any comments or criticism (which I doesn’t blame you for) at gretamichael@emeraldstaffing.com

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