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“The Review”

“The Review” – Let’s Bring Kindness Back

I think we all need to come together as a community against hateful reviews. This week alone, I have had the opportunity to speak with three different clients in completely different industry groups. The common thread of concern is that now people will not only write a bad review, but they are motivated to also write about personal attacks.

Then: The potato salad was horrible.

Now: The potato salad was horrible and our server “Robert” was mean and smelled.

In the “Old, Old” days, (like 1988) a customer would pick up the phone and discuss their dissatisfaction. At times, this may have not been the most comfortable conversation, but at least it was honest and the customer did not hide behind a wall like those in the FBI witness protection.

In the “Old” days, (2000) internet review began to come into fashion, we could all share information in real time. “The line at the coffee house is too long and the coffee was cold”. Or “The line at the coffee house was long, but totally worth the wait.” These reviews were just helpful (And without personal attack).

And now we have today (2016), I believe our society has crossed the line, and use the review platform to vent about their own “personal” frustrations in ways that become hurtful to our society. The reviewers are completely content with leaving their name out, leaving hateful and destructive messages. When the bad reviewed company approaches the major social media outlets to combat such reviews, they try to sell you advertising – and with this paid advertising, your “good and positive” reviews are listed first. Without payment, the bad ones seem to always be front of mind.

I know my company will never have 100% positive reviews – We run a staffing company and those who receive the job offer are usually pretty darn happy. Those who do not receive the offer – usually write a review.

Take Away:
• If you are not happy – Just call the other party – Have an old fashion conversation
• If you are not happy and wish to review – Then have the courage to leave your name
• If you write a review – Please only discuss the facts, leaving the personal attacks at home. Again with our coffee example: “The line at the coffee house is too long and the coffee was cold”.
• We have enough hatred in our world – I believe that if we can start with the positive (factual) review, and treat one another with kindness, we together can bring kindness back.

This is John Burton, and this is my blog. I can be reached for comment at johnjr@emeraldstaffing.com or my direct line 503.212.0002 – I welcome all comments.

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