The Name Game

June 8, 2015
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June 8, 2015 Emerald Staffing

The Name Game

In 1845, Asa Lovejoy and Francis Pettygrove engaged in the most important coin toss of the 19th century. The decision? The naming of Portland. Lovejoy was from Massachusetts and pushed for Boston. Pettygrove was from Portland, Maine. Well, we know who won in the end.

When Portland officially became Portland, it became a major transportation hub, with rivers and railroads to transfer goods. The top industries were lumber, farming, raising cattle, and fishing. After 164 years of being the most awesome city ever, what are our top industries today? According to Forbes, it’s Real Estate and Construction, Technology, and Healthcare. Surprisingly, the beer industry is missing from the list.

Cheers and Happy Monday!

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