No Thank You Sick Bug!

October 31, 2018
October 31, 2018 Emerald Staffing

No Thank You Sick Bug!

No Thank You Sick Bug

Sick season has finally caught up to us again! As the weather cools off, the sick bugs start warming up. There is absolutely nothing worse than be toasty warm in bed, and realizing you woke up with a cold. You start pondering how you could have possibly picked up this strand of illness. Maybe it was Ted in the office? Was it the cashier at the grocery store? Who knows… but if you take a couple steps daily, you can fight off the infection next time.

Orange Ya Glad You Prevented A Cold?
Oranges and Mandarins are the best kept secret for fall! During cold season, you should up your intake of Vitamin C to keep the bugs at bay. Vitamin C helps keep your immune system in peak condition. By doing so, you can fight off illnesses quicker and better. Research shows, just one medium orange provides 100% of your daily intake needed. So next time you are packing your lunch, toss in an Orange!

Water. A Humans Best Friend
Hydration Nation starts November 1st and lasts until cold season is over! The best way to prevent a cold is to stay extremely hydrated. Having to go to the bathroom multiple times throughout the day can be rather annoying, but your body will thank you in the end! Katy, our HR Associate here at Emerald starts every morning off with a glass of water. Remember Katy in the morning when you wake and hydrate. Come on Emerald Staffers’ lets do this together!

Back-off Kids, Gummies Are for Adults Too!
Since childhood we have been told, Vitamins are the most important way to start a day. Finding time in the morning between rolling out of bed, stumbling into the shower, and attempting to look presentable seems impossible. How does one have time to take a handful of vitamins? A great tip to make sure you get your daily dose in is to take your assorted vitamins at lunch time. Instead of taking the large scary pills, switch to the gummy chews. By doing so, you can look forward to a yummy, healthy treat at the end of your lunch hour!

Who runs the world? Disinfectant!
Your work day is about to end, you’re thinking about heading home to your favorite sweatpants, yummy food, and most beloved television character. But, before you walk out of the office – DISINFECT! A great habit to get into at the end of the day is disinfecting your keyboard, mouse, phone, pens and desk. By taking 2 minutes every afternoon, you could prevent getting and spreading the office cold.

Hey Mr. Sandman, Keep Me Healthy (bum, bum, bum, bum)
Late nights are over… or just reserved for the weekends! Research shows that an adult should be getting anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Plan your after work schedule accordingly! It is easy to get 8 hours of sleep if you are in bed by 10:00pm and awake at 6:00am. Five hours after work should be plenty of time to eat, work out, and relax. It is crazy the difference in work performance when you get a restful night’s sleep. Also, by sleeping, you allow your immune system to work properly to keep you healthy!

With cold season at our doorstep lets work together to try and keep a healthy work space. From us at Emerald Staffing, good luck for the office is small and full of germs!

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