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Hiring Graduates

Happy graduation season! Congratulations to all the grads out there — whether you’ve completed high school, college or another advanced degree, it’s bound to be a transitional time. If you’re applying for jobs, we have some hot tips to keep you ahead of the curve. Hiring managers and recruiters often know within seconds if a candidate if worth their time — don’t ruin your chances by making a small, easily avoided mistake. Here are some basic, but often overlooked ways to be more professional and successful during the initial stages of your job search.

1. Use a professional and simple email address. Ditch any emails that don’t include your name, even if it has sentimental value, or even if it’s the one you’ve always used.

2. Have your voicemail set up! Even though most people prefer to text nowadays, it is imperative that you have your voicemail set up with a short personal greeting — no one likes an automated robot voice. On the same note, don’t let your voicemail fill up! Hiring managers will immediately move on if they can’t reach you.

3. Make sure there are zero errors on your resume and cover letter. This is one is pretty straightforward, but as a job seeker, it is vital. Read everything out loud, and have a trusted editor look over your materials before you submit an application.

4. Manage your social media accounts wisely. Chances are, employers will research you online as a way to weed out candidates. If you’re worried about any social media content you’ve posted, make your accounts private, and also think before you post!

5. Closely read and follow all directions on job applications. Even though applications can be tedious and take time (no one enjoys re-writing their job history), it’s often the first test for employers to make sure candidates can follow directions and have an attention to detail. Be thorough and take your time.

We guarantee if you stick to these basic tenets, you will increase your chances of getting a call back on your resume. Happy job hunting!

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