How to Stay Cool… During Your Job Interview

July 30, 2015
July 30, 2015 Emerald Staffing

How to Stay Cool… During Your Job Interview

Nerves are natural. If you’re anxious before an interview, try to turn that nervous energy into excitement! After all, getting an interview is an awesome thing. Make the most of the opportunity by preparing. You’ll feel much more at ease during the interview if you do so. You may even enjoy yourself! Here are some hot tips to help you stay cool during your interview:

1. Rehearse
You should know your answers to the most common interview questions. Be able to talk about your accomplishments, goals, strengths and even your faults. Beware over-rehearsing, though, as you may run the risk of sounding like a robot.

2. Do Your Research
Visit the company’s website, learn about their core values, history, and where they’re going. Think about how you fit into that picture, then bring up some things that excite you during the interview. Being able to explain why you want to work for a company will boost your confidence and show the employer you’re truly invested.

3. Be Yourself
You want to find a company and a position where you feel comfortable being you, right? Don’t be afraid to mention some things that set you apart from the typical candidate. In doing so, you may bond with your interviewer over a shared hobby, volunteer organization, or even a favorite beer! Being yourself will allow you to make more connections with people and will ultimately help you land that perfect job.

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