Happy 159th Birthday, Oregon!

February 14, 2018
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February 14, 2018 Emerald Staffing

Happy 159th Birthday, Oregon!

Yes, it is Valentines Day… But it’s also Oregon’s 159th birthday! Here are 15 reasons why we love our state:

1. Close proximity to mountains, the ocean, desert, forests – we have it all!

2. The people. Oregonians are generally friendly and open-minded, and sometimes are even known for being too nice. Ever been stuck at a four-way stop, with someone insisting you go first? Us too.

3. Amazing access to fresh foods and produce – thank you, rainfall!

4. Diverse plants and wildlife – elk, salmon, wildflowers, mushrooms, and douglas firs, just to name a few.

5. Craft beer and wine – in every corner of the state, you can find incredible craft beverages, and many festivals celebrating said beverages.

6. Abundance of local parks and national parks/wilderness areas. Whether you want to hike, snowshoe, mountain bike, or simply have a picnic, Oregon has some of the best parks in the U.S., in our humble opinion.

7. A laidback, slower pace of life.

8. Public beaches. The Oregon Beach Bill was passed in 1967, ensuring public access to all beaches in Oregon. In many other states, beaches are privately owned by resorts – not here!

9. No sales tax!

10. Access to arts and culture – from free days at museums, to a range of music and arts festivals year round, we have
11. The majestic Cascades

12. Crater Lake

13. The Painted Hills

14. A growing economy – the Portland area’s growing tech scene has been dubbed the “Silicon Forest”.

15. Amazing bike trails statewide.

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