Do You Break?

June 11, 2015 Emerald Staffing

Do You Break?

You know what they say: job hunting is a full-time job. You craft the perfect resume, write an array of cover letters, network with professionals in your field, and search job postings daily. It’s exhausting, but the payoff – your ideal job – will be more than worth it.

Here at Emerald we love to help people find their perfect jobs, but we also recognize the importance of giving your mind a rest. In order to be successful during your job search, don’t forget to give yourself some time off. Breaks from work are healthy and necessary to stay productive and focused. If you hit a brick wall of frustration, or spend too much time on one task, stop! Step away from your computer before your eyes glaze over from too much screen time. Get out in the sunshine, and give your brain that well-deserved break it needs. You’ll return to your search refreshed and ready to get after it.

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