January 18, 2017 Emerald Staffing

Common Myths and Misconceptions about Staffing Agencies

At Emerald, we consider ourselves very lucky because we get to place awesome candidates with awesome companies. Since 1978, we’ve been contributing to Oregon’s economy and putting people to work while fulfilling our clients’ staffing needs. Some job seekers come into our office with misconceptions about staffing agencies and how we operate. Let’s set the record straight! Here are some common ones we’ve heard:

So you’re like a temp agency, right? Do you only have temporary positions?

We are a full-service staffing agency, so we offer direct-hire, temp-to-hire and temporary positions. Our goal is to find you a position that is a good fit for your situation!

Do I have to pay to sign up with you?

Nope! We are a free resource for you during your job search. Our clients pay us and trust us to find great candidates for their open positions.

I can’t take a pay cut, so I don’t want work with a staffing agency.

Working with a staffing agency does not mean you’ll be making less money. We staff for entry level positions, all the way up to executive level positions, and everything in between. When you meet with a recruiter, you will discuss salary requirements, and we always try to meet those requirements as best we can.

So when I come into your office, is it a real interview?

When you interview with a recruiter at our office, it is definitely a real interview. We don’t expect you to be in high heels, or in a suit and tie, but we do expect professionalism and punctuality, just like any job interview. When we meet with you, we are investing time in you and your job search. Be prepared to answer questions about your job history and have a clear idea of what you want your next step to be — whether it’s landing an entry-level job right out of school, or making a career transition.

I’m afraid I’ll just be a number.

We know the job search can be tough, and we’re here to assist you in whatever way we can. Sometimes the process moves very quickly, and sometimes it takes more time. Here at Emerald we don’t take job placement lightly, so we don’t want to place you somewhere you’re not excited about — ultimately we want to find you that perfect fit.

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